You are in place where passion found same passion, cycling through life. Coach and Athlete create expierience based friendship. They continue journey together. As one organism in wich we improving the life cycle. Now we are here for You.

The Mentors

Karol Serwin

He is the expert when it comes to training for trials. Over his long and successfull sports career he tried a lot when it comes to specific preparation for trials. A walking lifetime study so to say.

25 years expirience in trials. As a rider: 2 times Wice World Champion ( 2003 Cadet BIU, 2005 Junior UCI ), 3rd place World Cup round 1 2008 , few years of regular UCI top 10 ranking. 

Master degree in Physical Education at Academy of Physical Education In Krakow (Poland). Since 2010 strength and conditioning coach. Since 2014 trials coach. In 2018 after 2 years of coaching Thomas Pechhacker wins Mens Elite 20” World Champion title. 

Thomas Pechhacker

He is the demonstration that this training philosophy works. After just 2 years of following Karol´s training program he became World Champion.