Kick Off Camp

After a very intensive month, we want to share some photos and impressions from our Kick Off Camp.

We started with the Polish Championship on Sunday 5th July and it was not a bad competition for the start of this year 😉 We had good results and good fun. On Monday we trained on the competition track. We tried to use this possibility to draw conclusions from mistakes and see if any other lines were possible.

On the next trainings we put the focus on jumps. The spot, a very technical quarry, was really helpfull for that purpose. When you get a good feeling in hard conditions, like wet or sharp rocks, then the body automaticly gets on a higher level and in short time your jump is getting stronger. We put close attention to the technical part and weaknesses on the bike, as we know how productive it is. There is always time to just go full power and we all like it, but to do it every day seems to be not best idea.

We also did 2 great gym sessions, focusing on maximum strength on Tuesday, and preactivation on Friday worked really good on Saturdays C1 competition in Poprad (Slovakia).

We want to say thanks to all riders for this intensive, productive and familiarly time. A big shout out goes to Termy Bania for the great rest day in the sauna.


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