“Work hard in silence. Let the success be your noise.”

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Trials is a very young discipline that has never been described in any academic book, which could have paved a way to better performance.
The Life Cycle is the initiative that embraces this need.

Karol Serwin & Thomas Pechhacker

Don´t train more.
Train smart!

Karol Serwin

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Training Packages

Individual Training

Get your individual training programs from the Life-Cycle-Team. You will work 1-on-1 with the Pros to achieve your riding dreams.

You can choose from
  • Trials Specific Training
  • Physical Preparation For Trials
  • General planning and scheduling all training session + recovery during weeks and months
What you will get
  • Individual Training Program designed for YOU
    adapted to your goals and daily schedule (school/work/free time)
  • Analysis of videos when needed
  • Full access to Team Camps
  • Help during competitions (if possible)
  • Advice about: diet, supplementation, recovery
Currently available places: 3

—— coming soon —–

If you want a professional training program especially designed to focus on getting better in certain areas, this is your choice.

You can choose from
  • Trials Specific Training
  • Physical Preparation For Trials
What you will get
  • 5 Week Training Program
  • 2 planned trainings per week
  • 3 extra training sessions
  • Future Level Progression
    • Basic
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced


This is the best choice for the long term. We will provide you with all the knowledge you need to know to understand and build your own training. From all the knowledge we have gained through years of experience in trials we have kept just the best.

What you will get
  • The best from years of experience in Trials specific Training
  • Video Tutorials
  • Explanations
  • No unneccesary theory
  • Training Methods

Quick Fix

Submit your video for an individual analysis of your technique. The Life-Cycle-Team will review the video and give you a full step by step tutorial how to get better!

What you will get
  • Professional Movement Analysis
  • Individual step by step improvement guide

News & Updates

You will get the latest news, usefull training tips and notified when new training packages are online.