Bashguardian Coach´s Corner

Balance on the bike

Standing still seems to be the single most important skill to learn when you embark on your journey with trials. It takes some time to really get it under control, normally a few years. After that point, keeping feet on pedals starts to be intuitive, and almost unconsciously you can do correction moves to stay on the bike. So is it necessary to work on standing still separately in your training? Or you can just train it while you practice all the other things on the bike?

Can you progress in standing still?
Yes you can. To check that, you can try to stand still, keep the brakes squeezed and straighten the front wheel. This exercise alone is not easy to hold for any longer period of time. If we add a rule that you can’t take your feet off the pedals, then it starts to be really hard. This simple exercise shows that technical skills like standing still, precision moves, rear wheel balance and accuracy are often harder than any pure jump up to 85% of your max.